Words I Love

Natsukashii (Japanese): A word is used to describe when something evokes a fond memory from your past. It’s a word you exclaim as a smile creeps across your face.In Japan, natsukashii is a reminder that you are fortunate to have had the experiences you’ve had in life.

Why I love it: Do you ever think back to a memory and think “man, I wish I could go back to the good ol’ days”. Maybe this is a time when you had a certain friend group and you are no longer close with them or a time you lived somewhere you loved. I love this word because instead of making you miss the past and get sad, it makes you celebrate it.

Wabi-sabi (Japanese): is the view or thought of finding beauty in every aspect of imperfection. It represents a precious cache of wisdom that values tranquillity, harmony, beauty and imperfection, and can strengthen your resilience in the face of materialism.

Why I love it: Next time you look at a scar, wrinkle, emotion, “imperfect” fruit, find beauty in it. Celebrate it! Relax, slow down, step back from the hectic modern world and find enjoyment and gratitude in everything you do and are.

More to come…

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