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Supreet is a life coach who helps people awaken to a life filled with passion, purpose and magic. Supreet has worked with remarkable coaches to help crack herself open and fill herself up with a way of life that empowers her. She can help you do the same.

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Who am I?

All my life I was labelled “sensitive” and “emotional”. Looking back, I wished this side of her was nurtured, instead of shut out by others. Since doing THE WORK on myself, I’ve realized my emotional intelligence is a superpower – not everyone has the ability to connect with other humans on an intuitive level. I see myself for who I am and no longer try to fit a circle in square by trying to be someone I used to think I “should” be. I want to pass this gift onto to you and let you know there is nothing wrong with you.

One of my gifts is I can embody someone else’s feelings and emotions to understand and see them on a deeper level. I make space for people no matter what they are going through. Once I nurture your soul, I can help you understand yourself from a whole new place. Now, you can work with who you are to find success in your life.

Want to understand how to awaken your superpower? Book a complimentary 30 min intuitive coaching intro call to see if this is the right path for you.

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The Radical Shift Program

The Radical Shift program is designed to help you transform into your most authentic self, and once you meet them, they are with you forever. Throughout my years of being coached by many talented coaches, attending workshops, reading a ton of books, and completing life changing programs, I’ve been able to create the RADICAL SHIFT program that helps you embody your highest self.

Here’s what we’ll cover in The Radical Shift Program:

1. Your dream life
You need to know where you want to go to start your journey. The universe is your catalog, so go on, pick what you want.

2. Seeing yourself for who you are
Once you understand there is nothing wrong with you, you can starting loving and embracing yourself fully.

3. Working with yourself and your quirks
Let’s create your very own unique blueprint to understand what you need to feel joy, happiness and internal motivation.

4. Understanding your limiting beliefs
While you were growing up, many beliefs were fed to you and some don’t serve you, let’s understand which ones are holding you back and dismantle them.

5. Understanding your inner intelligence
We are going to tap into the most powerful tool you were born with, your inner-knowing.

6. Understanding your mind
Instead of seeing the world from the outside-> in, you will see how different life feels when you exist from inside -> out.

7. Embodiment
As we go through the transformational steps, you will be able to apply these principals to all sorts of areas in your life like work, relationships, health, parenting – it’s truly the gift that keeps giving and will stay with you forever.

8. Your Vibe
Your frequency and your energy will be vibrating higher and higher as you keep doing the work, you will feel transformed

The 3 month program consists of ten 1:1 calls, videos, reading and exercises.

Who this coaching is for

– You are sensitive and connected with your emotions
– You are entrepreneurial spirited
– You want more out of life
– You get gut feelings
– You connect deeply with others (empaths)
– You hate following rules
– You march to the beat of your own drum
– You feel emotions in your body
– Synchronicity follows you everywhere
– Words like “discipline” make you cringe
– You have a “should” voice in your head (I.e. I should wake up at 5am, but don’t want to)
– You feel unseen
– You’re ready to discover your life’s purpose
– You have trouble using your voice
– You say yes to everyone else, but not yourself
– You want life to be easier

Here’s what we will work on
  • Deep understanding of how your mind works
  • Tools to release negative stress and emotions
  • How to handle conflict with grace
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-love on all levels
  • Connection with your higher self and your purpose
  • Learning to let go of the past and focus on building your future
  • Understanding how universal intelligence works
  • How beautiful life can be once you wake up

Why intuitive coaching?

With so many distractions and noise out there, we have been taught to not listen to what’s going on inside ourselves. Our culture doesn’t promote healing, so instead, we find distractions like alcohol, partying, gossiping, filling up our social calendars, anger, or working until we burn out. However, what if we took a moment to realize that we all could use some healing? We’ve all had unique experiences in life and not all of them were good. What if you stop and think life isn’t a rat race full of competition with others? Instead, life is magical, a beautiful gift, and ours to live however we want.

Pain, suffering, resistance and negative emotions are a bad interpretation of what life is trying to teach you. Once you bring awareness to these emotions, you will be able to connect with your inner-source to understand what is really going on inside. Once you are able to understand, you can truly let go.

Are you ready to change your life? It’s so fun and beautiful on this side, I promise.

Peace, love and internal bliss for all.

With all my love,


Want to understand how to awaken your superpower? Book a complimentary 30 min intuitive coaching intro call to see if this is the right path for you.

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Serving San Francisco & Oakland, CA

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