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Hi friend! My name is Supreet and i’m an intuitive life & business coach.

I teach women how to run their lives, businesses, and relationships from their inner wisdom, which is one of the most under-looked gifts we all have. Life can be fun, joyful and easy once we get out of our heads and tap into this inner intelligence we’re all born with. Trust me, I’ve achieved a radical shift and i’m never looking back.

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Time to Wake Up

Are you ready to wake up and live the life you were meant to live? A life of happiness, joy, self-awareness and connection.

My name is Supreet Chahal and I’m a woman who is doing THE WORK to discover who and what the happiest version of myself looks and feels like. From all the studying and work i’ve done, I was able to find out what actually works. I’m so happy to present the RADICAL SHIFT PROGRAM to show you have to change your life once and for all. Peace, love, joy and success are all waiting on the other side.

Before my transformation, I was:
– Reactive
– Stressed
– Frustrated
– Victim mode (took everything personally)
– Scarcity Mindset
– Controlling
– My mental chatter dictated my mood
– Felt like the world owed me something
– Let my emotions dictate my life
– Had anger and resentment towards others

After my transformation, I was:
– Grounded
– Trusted everything happened for a reason
– Saw through people/interactions
– Was okay with my mistakes
– Started attracting really amazing people in my life
– Had clients reach out to me to work with me
– Started flowing with life
– Let go
– Saw opportunity abundance all around me

The end result:
– I enjoy working
– I let the small stuff go
– I listen to my body
– I create my own schedule
– I follow my gut on business decisions
– I trust that everything will fall into place
– I know I’m in alignment with my purpose (internal motivation)

If you’re sick of blaming people for your problems, haven’t realized your purpose, feel unhappy or dissatisfied, have been avoidant of healing or just don’t know where to start… you’re in the right place. I’ve awakened to my fullest potential and I’m excited to pay it forward by helping you wake up too. Come join me, it’s so much more fun, easy, and magical on this side.

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Mission Statement

To get people out of their heads and into a life full of happiness, purpose and love, so they can spread their joy to others.

Oneness, inner wisdom, authentic joy and healing.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Supreet and I had a huge AH-HA moment when I realized I wasn’t living life the way I was meant to. I didn’t know where to start or how to shift. Then, the magic started happening. I met the right people, was guided to the right books and starting asking “why”. If you’re unhappy with your thoughts and feelings, I’ll tell you this: you weren’t born this way. Life, society, people, parents, friends, TV etc. created your thoughts and beliefs. Are you ready to let go of what’s not serving you and bring in what will? I started this blog to share my story and newfound wisdoms to help others become the person they were always meant to be.

ps. I have a podcast called Girl, Wake the F Up, check it out.

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