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Supreet is a life coach who helps people become the person they’ve always knew they could be. Click here to learn more about her working with her.

Time to Wake Up

Are you ready to wake up and live the life you were meant to live? A life of happiness, joy, self-awareness and connection.

My name is Supreet Chahal and I’m a woman who is doing THE WORK to discover who and what the happiest version of herself looks like. I’m here to share my thoughts, learnings and wisdoms life has taught me with you.

If you’re sick of blaming people for your problems, haven’t realized your purpose, feel unhappy or dissatisfied, have been avoidant of healing or just don’t know where to start… you’re in the right place. I’ve awakened and can see my potential. I’m excited for you to wake up too.

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Mission Statement

To help people discover their authentic selves, so they can spread joy and make our world a better place.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Supreet and I had a huge AH-HA moment when I realized I wasn’t living life the way I was meant to. I didn’t know where to start or how to shift. Then, the magic started happening. I met the right people, was guided to the right books and starting asking “why”. If you’re unhappy with your thoughts and feelings, I’ll tell you this: you weren’t born this way. Life, society, people, parents, friends, TV etc. created your thoughts and beliefs. Are you ready to let go of what’s not serving you and bring in what will? I started this blog to share my story and newfound wisdoms to help others become the person they were always meant to be.

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