Goals vs Intentions

Instead of “goals” what if you set “intentions”?

That’s what I started doing and it changed my life, here’s why…

Goals feel so disciplined and strict, while intentions allow for flow and creativity.

You might think X is your end game, but maybe Y is meant for you.

This happened to me.

I remember that I thought I wanted to create a men’s styling course, so I set my goal to record all these videos and make all these modules. For some reason, I just couldn’t sit down and do it. I had no motivation and I started getting down on myself.

Then, I decided to set an intention. My intention was that I wanted to find my purpose. I sent this intention out into the universe and waited to see what came back to me.

I remember later that day talking to my coach and telling her about my block with recording my videos for the styling course. She asked me, “well, what would you rather be doing?” and I said “helping women healing just like how I healed myself”.


That’s when my path to coaching started.

What followed? Internal motivation and action.

I launched my business a 2 months after.

Now, I help heal women and it fills me up SO much.

Leading with your feminine energy, especially in work, requires flow, not discipline. This will help you create space for true success and purpose.

Have you asked your higher power/highest self to help you align with your true passion or purpose?

Go ahead, ask! Tell me what comes back to you.

Tip: Don’t over think it, it will come to you. I promise. After that, follow the signs.

Bonus tip: the only thing that will get in your way is insecure thinking. Don’t worry about the “how”, it’ll come to you, just like it did for me.


Published by Supreet Chahal

Supreet is from San Francisco, CA. She is passionate about self-growth, healing, music, traveling and fashion. She helps people discover their true and authentic selves through healing and personal style. Check out StyleBySupreet.com to get styled or SupreetChahal.com for self care guidance.

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