You Have to Feel It to Heal It

You have to feel it to heal it. 

How many of us avoid our pain?

We fill our social calendars, lose ourselves in work, drink alcohol to numb, watch TV to escape, shop til we drop, gossip to avoid talking about ourselves… As you can see, numbing takes many different shapes and forms. 

How many of us are afraid to sit alone with our thoughts because it’s a scary place?

Sitting with your thoughts and feeling your pain is the first step to changing your life.

All these distractions that we’ve set up in our lives are traps that lead us to feeling stuck and repeating the same ol’ patterns that don’t serve us.

Sitting alone with your thoughts can feel scary because we might get taken back to our trauma or our minds might generate feelings of anger or resentment. Guess what? It’s totally normal and okay for this to happened.

Nothing is wrong with you. You’re human and you’ve had human experiences.

The reason your mind jumps to these places is because you haven’t processed these experiences yet. Your mind will keep jumping back, consciously or unconsciously, until it’s dealt with. Your mind is a powerful tool and it’s built to help you out. It’s constantly telling you, heal this part of me so I can move on.

The next step is to own your pain and trauma. It’s okay to open the wound and understand it more. Shine a light on the darkness to see where it stems from. What happened? Why does it bother you so much? What did you need at the time to feel comforted? What impact has this experience had on you? How can you understand and let go of this experience in a healthy way? 

You want to heal it? Feel it. Stop avoiding the pain. Once you crack yourself open, your life is going to be filled with so much joy because now you have a better understanding of yourself, rather than this unknown feeling of pain that lingers around.

Flip on the light switch in the dark room and start seeing where the clutter is so you don’t trip over it. 

I promise you, starting to feel your pain isn’t scary. Instead, it’s empowering. Think of it like your bank account, at first it can feel scary if you don’t know how much money is coming in and going out. However, as you start understanding your income vs your spending, you can either feel at peace knowing you’re okay with the ratio or make a change if you feel like you’ve been too spending too much. The unknown is scary, knowing is empowering.

Feel it to heal it. Break the shackles.

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Published by Supreet Chahal

Supreet is from San Francisco, CA. She is passionate about self-growth, healing, music, traveling and fashion. She helps people discover their true and authentic selves through healing and personal style. Check out to get styled or for self care guidance.

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