The Awakening

She’s been in a cold, long and hard slumber for decades. It’s been dark, scary, confusing and frustrating. Locked in a box and no where to go. Trapped in her mind, she yearned for a way to escape this darkness. A tiny glimmer of light and warmth appeared. She took it in with hope. The light called her and something in her awakened.

A warm light set deep in her soul started showing its rays. Like the diamond effect of a solar eclipse, the first glance was so beautiful and powerful. Wake up girl. Wake up to the possibilities of love, light, warmth and connection. This world is made for you to live and thrive. You’ve received the gift of awakening. What are you going to do with it?

Hello world, my name is Supreet Chahal and I’m an empath. What is an empath you ask? Someone who easily picks up the emotions and energies of other people. Being an empath is a blessing and a curse. You give yourself to every soul in hopes to help, heal and fix… and it’s exhausting. It’s especially exhausting if you don’t know how to use it as a super power.

I was one of those people… so much desire to help and heal, but I didn’t know how to use my powers. I gave and gave and gave until I was left with nothing for myself. The answer sounds so simple: give a little less. However, until the empath awakens, they don’t know how to give less. We think of the problems of the world and make them our own. We take on people’s pain as if it was our own. We’re offended if someone doesn’t treat us the way we treat them and ask, “what did I do wrong?” We grow frustrated. We get pissed off and resentful. We try to fix the world, but little do we know, it’s all a distraction from healing ourselves.

In a study of givers, matchers and takers, did you know the most successful people in life are givers? Did you know the least successful people in life are also givers? How can that be? The difference between the successful and unsuccessful givers is how much they give. Giving a part (say less than 25%) of yourself to others makes you feel great and makes a difference, while giving you time for yourself. Giving 50%+ of yourself puts everyone ahead of you, is exhausting, puts your growth and development on the back burner and leaves zero time for you to focus on your success. What % of yourself do you give away to others and what do you keep for yourself?

I used to give away about 80% of myself to others and the 20% that was left was used to rest. How far do you think I got in life? Why did I give so much away? Because I’m a human, a woman, a sister, a daughter, a partner, a friend, a co-worker with a healer personality. I would try to “be there” for EVERYONE, even if they didn’t need my help. “I can help you!” “Do this, do that… you got this!” “Oh you didn’t do that? But why? It will fix it!” “Ugh, why are you not listening?” “Okay, now i’m annoyed that you just complain about the same problem and don’t do anything about it!” “Okay, now everything you do annoys!” “Get it together!” Yep… that was me. And boy oh boy was I tired AF. My friendships and relationships suffered and I had NO IDEA what I was doing wrong! After all, I was just trying to help everyone and anyone! Yep, really. Also, it’s not like I was this almighty perfect person who had everything together. Instead, I was being avoidant of my own suffering because I was so focused on other people. It’s so much easier to fix others than yourself! But… is it? Have you ever tried to change someone else? How did that go? Have you tried to change yourself? How was that?

I’m on a journey about discovering who I really am and what I really want. The first step of my journey is to awaken. Wake up and realize what I’m doing and why? What are my intentions? What am I avoiding? What do I need to let go of? What do I need more of?

I started this blog to share my awakening with you. I know there are people out there that are unhappy, dissatisfied, don’t know their purpose, confuse their gifts for “flaws”, are always chasing the next best thing, have money problems, have relationships problems, don’t know their self-worth, have terrible friends, have no friends, keep dating the same crappy personality, cant meet the right person, confusing superficial things for happiness… the list goes on. The point i’m getting at is whatever your life circumstance, you’ve attracted in your life. Now, you can go and try to change the whole world OR you can try to change yourself. I guarantee changing yourself is going to have 10000x more impact on your life. You can have whatever you want in your life, but you need to wake up first.

Are you ready to wake the eff up? Join me on my journey as I share my thoughts, findings and learn how to lead the life of my dreams – in pure joy and happiness. You can too, you just need to realize the healing is needed internally and no one else is responsible for your happiness.

I’ll have journalling prompts at the bottom of my posts to help you dig deeper into yourself. This part is called doing THE WORK. Journaling is one of the most powerful things you can do to help better understand yourself and your thought patterns. Don’t be afraid to write whatever comes to mind and your truth.

Journaling Prompt:

What areas in your life do you need to work on? Think about money, relationships, friendships, career, sexuality, physical health, mental health etc. Be real with yourself. Do you have money/spending issues, do you get jealous, do you have a scarcity mentality, do you have low self-esteem, are you hard on yourself or others, do you blame other people for your problems, do you hate your job, do you fight with your parents, are you ungrateful etc.

Now, in as much detail as possible, write down what your dream life looks like. Get as detailed as possible. What’s your financial situation and relationship with money? Your relationship status? Your friendships? Dream career or business? Health? What groups are you a part of? What are your achievements? What do you do outside of work? Where do you live? Do you have kids? Pets? What does your house look like? What’s your dream car? What are your personal desires? What are your material desires?

The art of writing something down is MAGICAL. Just like when you write down your goals, you’re more likely to check on them and achieve them, same goes for writing down your dream life. Your brain automatically starts looking for how to achieve these things. Your brain will also remind you to start looking for ways to fix the problems the wrote down too.


Published by Supreet Chahal

Supreet is from San Francisco, CA. She is passionate about self-growth, healing, music, traveling and fashion. She helps people discover their true and authentic selves through healing and personal style. Check out to get styled or for self care guidance.

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